Only a few steps left to start mining Firo on Cruxpool!

Step 1: Create a crypto wallet address

This crypto wallet address must be a valid Firo address. We advise you not to use crypto wallets from exchanges, as transfers and payments may be delayed. If you do not have a crypto wallet yet, please refer to our selection of secure and reliable crypto wallets.

Step 2: Create a Cruxpool account (optional)

To access different features and to monitor your multicoin mining on Cruxpool, you must create a free Cruxpool account.

You can have your account verified, but above all you can add your crypto wallet address previously created in your account settings to be able to receive your mining earnings.

Step 3: Download and install Firo mining software

Select your favorite Firo Mining Software from the list below depending on your OS and your hardware. If you do not know which mining software to choose, you can learn more about mining software on the Cruxpool Support Center.


All-in-one NVIDIA and AMD mining software. Friendly and ergonomic user interface.

linux logo
windows logo
hiveos logo


FiroPoW mining software for NVIDIA and AMD. No fees.

linux logo
windows logo

T-Rex Miner

Ethash, Etchash, KawPow, FiroPow and Autokylos mining software for NVIDIA. 1% to 2% fees.

linux logo
windows logo
hiveos logo


Ethash, Etchash, KawPow, FiroPow and Autokylos mining software for NVIDIA. 1% to 2% fees.

linux logo
windows logo
hiveos logo

Step 4: Choose a Firo mining server

We have Firo mining servers on multiple locations over the world, but you can also use our “Worldwide” URL that will automatically connect to the nearest mining server. We also have an auto-backup function if the connexion with a specific server is down.

LocalisationMining ServerLatency*
Worldwide firo.cruxpool.comAutomatically redirect to the closest server
Europe (France Flag of France)firo-eu.cruxpool.com0 ms
North America (Canada Flage of Canada)firo-us.cruxpool.com0 ms
Asia (Singapour Flag of Singapour)firo-asia.cruxpool.com0 ms
Oceania (Australia Flag of Australia)firo-aus.cruxpool.com0 ms

*If you are using a VPN, the ping times may be incorrect.

Stratum Port: 2222

Alternative Port: 12222

High Diff: 22222

Step 5: Generate a command-line to mine Firo

With our command-line generator, define all your settings with few clicks and get your command to start mining Firo.

Choose to mine with your Cruxpool account or anonymously.

*If you want to use HiveOS please refer to HiveOs documentation.

Select your OS
Select your mining software
Select your mining server

Step 6: Enter a command-line

To connect to the Firo mining pool, copy paste the command-line you define in the command-line generator into your mining software.

Step 7: Get access to your mining statistics

Once your Firo mining software is up and running, you can access your dashboard. The statistics will appear in about 15 minutes.

You can also enter your crypto wallet address below, only if you mine anonymously. Be aware however that you will have less features like multicoin dashboard on Cruxpool.

firo's logo


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