How to automatically stake your ETH mining earnings?
Auto-invest on Cruxpool

How to automatically stake your ETH mining earnings? Do you mine Ethereum cryptocurrency on Cruxpool? We have good news!

If you are an Ethereum miner (or a future Ethereum miner), you can now automatically stake your ETH mining earnings and enjoy long-term profits without paying any transaction fees.

Indeed we have implemented an auto-invest feature on Cruxpool for Ethereum. Auto-invest allows you to automate cryptocurrencies investment and earn passive income.

How does auto-invest for staking Ethereum work? How can you use it? We will check that in this tutorial on auto-invest

Auto-invest on Cruxpool

How does the auto-invest feature work on Cruxpool?

The auto-invest feature is a bridge between mining and staking which allows every miner to participate in ETH staking without having to pay any transaction fees. Concretely, if you are mining Ethereum on Cruxpool, you have two choices when it comes to triggering a payment: 

Auto-invest OFF

Our traditional form of payment. You are getting paid on your mining wallet address when your balance is full (From 10:30AM to 12PM CET every day once your threshold is reached).

Auto-invest ON

Transfer your daily mining earnings to our Ethereum staking pool without having to pay any transaction fees. (Every day around 12PM CET, even if your threshold hasn’t been reached.)

Why would I use the auto-invest feature?

As of now, the auto-invest feature allows you to grow your earnings all in one place. With the press of a button, your mined ETH will be deposited daily into our staking pool and generate you even more profit.

Keep in mind that you will not pay any transaction fees while using the auto-invest feature.

Using auto-invest is the best way to make your mining more profitable. Not only will you keep 100% of what you mined thanks to no transaction fees, you will also generate a constant passive ETH income. 

What is Ethereum staking and how does it work?

Ethereum staking is based on Proof of Stake (PoS). It is a protocol that validates transactions and secures the blockchain through the immobilization of ETH. This generates an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of crypto interests that you can monitor directly on your personal dashboard. Compared to Proof of Work, staking is faster, more secure, spends less energy and handles up to thousands of transactions per second. You can check out our Cruxpool validator for more information.

By using the auto-invest feature for Ethereum, you participate directly into the future of the Ethereum Blockchain.

Keep in mind that stakers will only be able to withdraw their ETH tokens when the Ethereum Blockchain will allow it, which could take up to 12 to 18 months. 

How to use the auto-invest feature on Cruxpool?

First of all, you need to join Cruxpool by creating an account. Welcome! 

Create your Cruxpool account
Create your account.

Then, go into your “Settings” panel and click on the “Payouts” section. 

How to use the auto-invest feature on Cruxpool
Go to payouts for automatically stake

Here, you can enable the auto-invest feature.

By doing so, your Ethereum mining earnings will automatically be deposited into staking every day around 12 PM CET.

If you want, you can learn more about staking and how it works

ETH auto-invest on Cruxpool
ETH mining auto-invest feature on Cruxpool.

Note that in order for the auto-invest feature to be enabled, your account must be verified.

You can verify your account in the “Account Verification” section of your account

Secure your Cruxpool account

Once you have completed the verification procedure, it should look like this:

Account verification verified
Your account verification is verified.

Good job! You are now ready to auto-invest for Ethereum on Cruxpool!

The auto-invest feature is the best way to grow your Ethereum wallet while acting as a bridge between mining and staking. With it, you can participate in the future of Ethereum while still mining on the current Ethereum blockchain.

Remember that you will not pay any transaction fees while using auto-invest. We will move your mined cryptocurrency into our Ethereum staking pool for free.