How to use MiningRigRentals

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to use MiningRigRentals to rent hashing power for your Cruxpool mining.

What is MiningRigRentals

MiningRigRentals is a marketplace specialized in cryptocurrencies mining. MiningRigRentals is one this service that allows you to mine cryptocurrencies without hardware. Indeed, you can rent mining RIG, so hash power to mine yourself cryptocurrencies you want. That can be interesting if you want to look over the fabulous world of cryptocurrencies mining.

Create an account

First, you have to create an account. Go to their website and click on Register. You must put your pseudo, mail address, password and a PIN code. After that, click on Create Account and wait for the verification and confirmation mail send by MiningRigRentals.

Create a free account on MiningRigRentals

Add funds to your account

Obviously, you have to put money on the marketplace in order to rent hash power. For adding that, you have to go on the account page, on the Balance section. You can add funds come from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Choose the cryptocurrency you want to deposit on MiningRigRentals. Then, transfer the amount you want on the deposit address that the service gives to you. Transactions take only one confirmation on the blockchain to be posted to your account but they may periodically raise the minimum confirmations required if the network situation changes.

Dashboard balance on MiningRigRentals

Choose your rented RIGs

Once you have deposit cryptocurrencies on MiningRigRentals, you can rent and so choose RIGs into the marketplace. For choosing that, you have to click on Rigs in the top navigation bar or in the left-side navigation bar and choose the mining algorithm you want to mine.

As a reminder, the mining algorithm for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic is Dagger Hashimoto. For Beam, it is Equihash 150,5 – BEAM v3 and for Ravencoin, it is KAWPOW.

After choosing the algorithm, a list is going to display with all the mining RIGs you can rent. With the objective to rent the most profitable mining RIGs, you can apply filter. First, you have to choose what cryptocurrency you will use, depending on the funds you have, for renting rigs. The payment can be done with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash as the deposit. Then click on More options in order to apply filters that can be useful to choose the right rental. You can decide the minimum or maximum hashrate, the price / hashrate / day and exclude or include a rental location. After that, apply all the filters you have selected, choose the best rental for you.

Payout methods on MiningRigRentals

Setting up your rental

Once you choose your rental and paid for that, you have set up the rented mining rigs in order to mine on Cruxpool. When you are on the page – image below – you need to click on Add a pool on the Pool settings section.

After that, a pop-up will display and you have to put the pool host which is basically the pool address with the port, the worker name which is, contrary to that we can think your wallet address, the password of the pool and eworker which is the real worker name.

In the case of Cruxpool, you have to put this to connect your rental on our mining pool :

Ethereum :

Ethereum Classic:



Worker Name : Your wallet address

Password: x

Eworker: The RIG name you want

Follow your rental activity

If you want to follow and watch the rental activity, you can, of course, watch that on the Cruxpool dashboard but you can also click on My Rentals and see stats about your mining like the time remaining of rental.