Ethereum Classic mining pool



Pool Hashrate


0.1 - 100 ETC

Block reward

2.048 ETC

Pool fee


Miners online


Workers online




Network Hashrate


Network difficulty

2.31 P


Expected profit

0.00759 ETC

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How to mine ETC on Cruxpool?

Ethereum Classic is a cryptocurrency that is mined with one or more GPUs with a minimum of 3 GB VRAM. Our Ethereum Classic mining pool is in PPS+ with a 1% mining fee.

Transactions are performed every 3 hours as long as the threshold has been reached. The minimum threshold is 0.1 ETC while the maximum threshold is 100 ETC.

Mine Ethereum Classic on NiceHash

Good news! You can mine Ethereum Classic on Cruxpool without hardware thanks to NiceHash comptability.

Nicehash logo

dedicated port: 27777

Crypto profit calculator for Ethereum Classic

What is your estimated profit by mining Ethereum Classic? Find out right now!

$ Dollars

$ 0.18

Mine Ethereum Classic from anywhere in the world

Cruxpool is the mining pool you want for your cryptomining activity. We have a worldwide stack that can sustain heavy hashrates, with auto-backup servers to keep your mining rigs connected 24/7.

Connect to our mining servers
Europe (France Flag of France)0 ms
North America (Canada Flage of Canada)0 ms
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Oceania (Australia Flag of Australia)0 ms

*If you are using a VPN, the ping times may be incorrect.

Cruxpool users say it best.

Owen Simonin “Hasheur” photo

Owen Simonin “Hasheur”

CEO Meria

Cruxpool guarantees a stable mining income and a high-quality service. The team is always available and shows a great reactivity while it is often impossible to get an answer from other mining pools. This is why we stopped looking for other pools, we choose Cruxpool.

Julien Femery photo

Julien Femery


We're extremely satisfied with the quality of our discussions and the close relationship with the Cruxpool team. We know we can count on their availability and expertise in our mining activities. The simple, personalized tools provided are a real plus.

Saimi Barragan photo

Saimi Barragan

CEO Startmining

Cruxpool's developer team is approachable, friendly, and attentive to our needs. We found an incredibly responsive team with a unique customer-centric experience. We're thrilled by their proactive approach, if you're looking for a pool that cares, give it a go!

Monsieur TK photo

Monsieur TK

Crypto-mining influencer

I started mining Flux on Cruxpool a few months ago, I've been stunned by the responsiveness of their customer support. The team is reactive and always ready to help if assistance is needed. Smooth and unique mining experience, they make miners journey completely hassle-free. Sticking with Cruxpool for the long haul!

Join a great mining pool

Access multicoin dashboard features and easily switch to another cryptocurrency to monitor your mining activity.

Mining cryptocurrencies at home has never been easier

You need help in mining ? Explore our Cruxpool Support Center. Cryptomining guides, how to open a crypto wallet, best mining software... It's all there!

Cruxpool Support Center
The most frequently asked questions about cryptomining

Which cryptocurrencies can be mined on Cruxpool?

You can mine Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Flux, Ravencoin, Ergo

What are the transaction fees for Cruxpool?

When you receive a mining pool payment, there is a transaction fee.

We have:

  • 1% mining fee on Ethereum Classic, Ravencoin, Ergo and Flux.
  • If you mine Flux, note that parallel assets fees will be 1%. They are subject to change depending on the activity of the network and the amounts on the parallel assets claim.
  • 2% mining fee on Bitcoin.

What are the reward distribution modes?

We have:

  • FPPS system for Bitcoin and Flux.
  • PPS+ system for Ethereum Classic, Ravencoin, Ergo.

What is the minimum and maximum payment?

The payment is :

  • For Bitcoin: Min: 0.005 BTC - Max: 100 BTC
  • For Ethereum Classic: Min: 0.1 ETC - Max: 100 ETC
  • For Flux: Min: 1 FLUX - Max: 1000 FLUX
  • For Ravencoin: Min: 10 RVN - Max: 10 000 RVN
  • For Ergo: Min: 1 ERGO - Max: 100 ERGO

What is the payment frequency?

  • For BTC: Payments are made once a day between 10:30 and 12:00 (CET), as long as the threshold has been reached.
  • For ETC: Transactions are performed every 3 hours as long as the threshold has been reached.
  • For FLUX: Transactions are performed every 3 hours as long as the threshold has been reached.
  • For RVN: Transactions are performed every 3 hours as long as the threshold has been reached.
  • For ERGO: Transactions are performed every 3 hours as long as the threshold has been reached.

What is the performance rate?

The performance rate is the ratio of your reported hashrate and your real time hashrate on the pool.

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