AMD Radeon VII

Mining performance of AMD Radeon VII hashrate, specs and profitability. Calculate your AMD Radeon VII profitability.

AMD Radeon VII GPU for cryptomining

AMD Radeon VII specs

The AMD Radeon VII is an improved version of the AMD RX Vega 64 with a smaller manufacturing process and more memory. AMD is therefore able to achieve higher clock speeds. It has a high hashrate depending on the mined cryptocurrency.

base clock: 1400 MHz

boost clock: 1750 MHz

memory clock: 1000 MHz

gpu power: 300 W

memory bus: 4096 Bits

max memory size: 16 GB

max memory bandwidth: 1024 GB/s

The Catalyst (Crimson) 15.12 driver can show better performance and compatibility for mining on AMD.
Any other GPU works better with the latest driver from the official website of AMD.

AMD Radeon VII hashrate

The hashrate can vary from one cryptocurrency to another. We present the GPU hashrate per cryptocurrency that can be mined at Cruxpool, our mining pool.

AMD Radeon VII overclocking

The hashrate and power consumption depend on different features like overclocking. Here are the best performing mining software according to the cryptocurrencies to be mined at Cruxpool for the AMD Radeon VII.

Sorry there is no data for this GPU

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The overclocking values for AMD Radeon VII are just an example. Overclocking settings may not work the same for all memory types and results may vary depending on the cryptocurrency you are mining.

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