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How to have the best mining performance with NVIDIA?


In this tutorial, you will learn how to prepare and setup your NVIDIA graphic card to mine on Cruxpool.

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Please, pay attention to LHR cards

Recently, NVIDIA released graphics with the LHR specification. LHR stands for Lite Hash Rate and has a huge impact on Ethereum mining. Indeed, NVIDIA cards with this mention have two times less hashing power. So, to have the best mining performance, you must not use/buy NVIDIA LHR cards.

Update your drivers

It is important to always update your setup to have the best driver. A new driver can be more efficient than an older one and obviously can boost your performance a little. We recommend to always having one of the latest drivers.

Overclock using Afterburner

You can mine without overclocking your card but if you want a better hashrate, an overclock is the solution. To overclock your graphic card, we recommend using MSI Afterburner, you can download it by clicking here. To optimize NVIDIA cards’ performance, it is recommended to overclock the memory clock.


Be aware that an over-optimized card can cause invalid shares and some GPU dysfunctions. If you make a bad overclock, you may also damage your graphic card. Another thing to monitor is your card temperature. It should be at a maximum 65-70 °C, a high-temperature card can lose durability in the long term.