How to mine Bitcoin?

Starting Mining Guide

In this start mining guide, you will learn about this cryptocurrency and how to mine Bitcoins on Cruxpool.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first decentralized blockchain platform. It was created in 2009 by a mysterious person named Satoshi Nakamoto. This cryptocurrency is a technological revolution and was made in opposition to the current financial system and in response to the Subprime crisis. Bitcoin uses Proof-of-Work, which means you need computing power to validate transactions.

For more information about the project, you can read the white paper.

Open a Bitcoin wallet

To mine Bitcoins, you have to open a Bitcoin wallet. It exists a lot of third-party wallets which can store, send and receive Bitcoins like Exodus Wallet, Trust Wallet or you can also use wallet addresses from exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, or Bitstamp.

Please note: Bitcoin crypto wallet addresses are case sensitive.

To learn more about Bitcoin addresses:

Quick questions about Bitcoin mining

You cannot mine Bitcoins with your laptop or your computer. Bitcoin requires a lot of computing power that a laptop or a computer cannot handle.

GPU mining on Bitcoin is useless due to Bitcoin computing power requirements. If you want to mine Bitcoin, you have to use an ASIC.

Yes, you can make NiceHash orders on Cruxpool by using

We use a 2% FPPS scheme on our Bitcoin pool. 

How to connect your ASIC to Cruxpool Bitcoin pool ?

If you want to mine Bitcoins on Cruxpool, turn your machine on and go to your ASIC dashboard. Once you are on your dashboard, click on Miner Configuration, and add the essential information to mine on Cruxpool.


To connect your ASIC to Cruxpool Bitcoin pool, you can use these 2 URLs :

Worldwide :
Europe :


You need to put at least your Bitcoin wallet address or your Cruxpool account name in the worker input. You can also name your machine by adding a dot and a worker name after the previous information.

Example : 1QHYgPCU6tNCBsB8f2j8ZmRXnHLye8hqSi.Asic001 or username.Asic001


In the password input, you have to put 123 or x as the password to connect your ASIC on our Bitcoin pool.

bitcoin mining asic manager

Start mining Bitcoins with Nicehash

After registering or logging into your NiceHash account, click on Hashrate Power Marketplace and then on My Pools. Once on the page, click on Add new pool. To set up Cruxpool mining pool on NiceHash, you must fill the following fields in the New pool display.

Custom pool name : Cruxpool Bitcoin
Algorithm : SHA-256
Stratum Hostname or IP :
Port : 21111
Username : Your wallet address or your username
Password : x