How to set up Hive OS

HiveOS Mining OS

In this tutorial, you will know how to set up your dedicated mining OS HiveOS for your mining activities.

What is HiveOS?

HiveOS, as his name says, is an OS like Windows or Linux. However, it has the particularity to be a dedicated mining OS. In other words, it is only used to mine cryptocurrencies. You can easily monitor and manage all your mining in one place thanks to HiveOS.

Download and install HiveOS

If you are interested in HiveOS, you can download the operating system by clicking here and following these instructions to install HiveOS on your mining setup.

Setup your Cruxpool mining on HiveOS

After creating an account on HiveOS website and linking your mining workers to your account, you will be able to start to set up your mining and create templates to mine on Cruxpool.

Add your wallet address or your Cruxpool username

In the HiveOS panel, go to Wallets and click to add a wallet option, a new display will appear with the following inputs.

Coin – Choose the cryptocurrency which is linked to your mining wallet address.

Address – Put your mining wallet address, you can also put your Cruxpool username if you are using a Cruxpool account for mining.

Name – Name the wallet template.

After completing these inputs, the last one is facultative, save your template. You will be able to use your saved wallet template on HiveOS flight sheets.

NiceHash Wallet

Add your wallet address or your Cruxpool username

Go to the Flight Sheets option which is located in your HiveOS panel. 

Coin – Choose the cryptocurrency you want to mine.

Wallet – Put your wallet template you previously created.

Pool – Choose Cruxpool in the dropdown menu.

Miner – Choose the mining software you want to use.

Name – Name your mining flight sheet

You can also click on the Setup miner config button to add additional settings or to make some manual modifications. After editing the flight sheet, you can save it and be able to use it on your mining workers.

Load your mining flight sheet on your worker

Once the wallet and flight sheet setup is completed. You have to launch your flight sheet to your RIG in order to start mining. So, go to your farm where your worker is linked and access your worker panel. Then, go to the flight sheet section. Once you are on the section, select the right flight sheet by clicking on the rocket. Your Cruxpool mining will start in a few seconds.