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How to open a MyCrypto Wallet?

MyCrypto Wallet

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create, use, store, receive and send cryptocurrencies with MyCrypto wallet.

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What is MyCrypto Wallet?

To be able to transfer, receive, or even to stock Ether, you will need to have an Ethereum wallet. MyCrypto Wallet is a dedicated online service platform and application.

Download the wallet

To be able to create your wallet, go to the website and click on Create Wallet.

You will come to a page that presents several ways to create your wallet. Choose Download MyCrypto Application. Download the application on the support of your choice (MacOS, Linux, Windows) and install it.

Create a MyCrypto wallet

Open the application and Generate a wallet. Click on Generate a wallet. To create your wallet, choose between the Keystore file or the mnemonic phrase.

Keystore File

After selecting the Keystore file option option, you will need to enter a password of at least 12 characters. Then download the Keystore file, save the wallet and your private key.

Mnemonic Phrase

After selecting the Mnemoic Phase option, you will have to copy the words that appear on the screen. Then save the wallet and your private key. Your My Crypto wallet is finally created. You will find your account after logging in by clicking on View & Send.